Friday, April 29, 2016

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The Pirates of Sufiro is the story of a planet and its people--of Ellison Firebrandt, the pirate captain living in exile; of Espedie Raton, the con-man looking to make a fresh start for himself and his wife on a new world; of Peter Stone, the ruthless bank executive who discovers a fortune and will do anything to keep it; and of the lawman, Edmund Ray Swan who travels to Sufiro seeking the quiet life but finds a dark secret. It is the story of privateers, farmers, miners, entrepreneurs, and soldiers--all caught up in dramatic events and violent conflicts that will shape the destiny of our galaxy. Co-published with Hadrosaur 

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A West Texas librarian makes fun of herself and the other people in her town while writing about her reasons for wanting to lose weight.

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My name is Dallas Lowe, and the life of a law enforcement officer is never easy, but it is rewarding. Then receiving our gold detective shields and working together fulfills a childhood dream for me and my best friend Brian. We live on top of the world – until the day comes all policemen dread – the day when things go wrong and someone has to die."

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This collection of poignant and uplifting essays is the perfect book to enjoy over your morning coffee. The stories will warm your heart, raise your spirits and compel you to examine your own life. As a tie-in to her bestselling mystery and romantic suspense book Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, novelist and award-winning journalist Stacy Juba invited her author colleagues to answer the question "What were you doing 25 years ago?" Read about school days, quirky jobs, romance, raising a family, hard times, the writing journey, and find out what makes your favorite characters tick. This 30,000-word book will help readers to discover new authors for their to-read list, and inspire them to reflect upon the small defining moments that have shaped their own lives.

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After attacking the Deltorian Royal Family the Deltorian warriors aggressively seek out the enemy known as the Telda.

Rayna High Ruler of the Southern Quadrant of
Lazon and her friend J'lore, Chief Council of The Planetary Alliance work together in secret but have separate agendas. They exchange
information to assist the secret, outlaw, organization known as Earth's Guardians.

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