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Twisted Shorties II is packed with romance, sci-fi, fantasy and horror, and spills over with wonderful fiction and poetry that will intrigue and delight. This time around, fifty authors grace the pages, each one bringing a unique and engaging voice to charm readers. They will take you to other worlds, both in space and fantasy, send chills down your spine with tingling tales of horror, tug the heartstrings with poignant poetry and even sweep you off your feet with romance. 

The Pirates of Sufiro (Book 1) (Old Star New Earth) [Kindle Edition]

David Lee Summers 



THE PIRATES OF SUFIRO is the story of a planet and its people - of Ellison Firebrandt the pirate captain living in exile; of Espedie Raton, the con-man looking to make a fresh start for himself and his wife on a new world; of Peter Stone, the ruthless bank executive who discovers a fortune and will do anything to keep it; and of the lawman, Edmund Ray Swan who travels to Sufiro seeking the quiet life but finds a dark secret. It is the story of privateers, farmers, miners, entrepreneurs, and soldiers - all caught up in dramatic events and violent conflicts that will shape the destiny of our galaxy.

Science Fiction
Terror on Telderan a short story by Larry J.

Prequel to Escape 2 Earth

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Assault of the Telda

Inspired by the novel Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and edited by Stacy Juba, this collection of poignant and uplifting essays is the perfect book to enjoy over your morning coffee. The stories will warm your heart, raise your spirits, and compel you to examine your own life. Read about school days, quirky jobs, romance, raising a family, hard times, the writing journey, and find out what makes your favorite characters tick. This book will help readers to discover new authors for their to-read list, and inspire them to reflect upon the small defining moments that have shaped their own lives. Publishing credits of contributing authors include New York Times and USA Today bestselling.

25 Years in the Rear view Mirror: 52 Authors Look Back [Kindle Edition]

Stacy Juba

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Librarian Pamela Mae Willard starts a diary to explore reasons for losing weight. Instead,

she mostly writes about the offbeat characters in her West Texas town.

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